Killarney Lutheran Camp

Director's Chat - 2013

THEME: Making All Things Possible

Should my child go to camp?

This is a common question. We want our children to not only survive in this world but pray they are loved, feel safe, grow, and achieve. What seems impossible at home or at school can often be achieved at camp. Young people begin to develop a confidence and identity that can continue a lifetime. Camp encourages independence, community, trust, social interaction, discovery of one’s own abilities, passion, leadership, and strong positive relationships. At Killarney, its not about who is better. Rather, success is in the pure excitement of trying!

Our inspiring programs/schedules are structured, yet, flexible & sensitive to individual camper needs. We focus on teaching life skills from a long list of carefully designed activities & electives. Our camp is a community where all kids "fit in" and are valued.

Killarney’s 55 years of fun camp traditions have been uniting enthusiastic campers for years. We have over a 90% staff retention rate and a similar camper return rate. We understand the value of continued innovation & training by integrating the latest camp trends into our programs. Its important that your child has a great camp experience.

Yes, camp IS good for kids! Here every child can BE someone and know that Jesus is everything! Most campers are ready for a full camp session, but sometimes parents are not. We understand and have created a variety of programs. Whether its a full sleep-away experience or family camp, we encourage you to choose Camp Killarney.

Join us in "Making All Things Possible" in 2013!