Julie Dostal - Camp Director

Director Chat 2013

Theme “Making All Things Possible”

Should my child go to camp?

This is a common question. We want our children to not only survive in this world but pray they are loved, feel safe, grow, and achieve. What seems impossible at home or at school can often be achieved at camp. Young people begin to develop a confidence and identity that can continue a lifetime. Camp encourages independence, community, trust, social interaction, discovery of one’s own abilities, passion, leadership, and strong positive relationships. At Killarney, its not about who is better. Rather, success is in the pure excitement of trying!

Our inspiring programs/schedules are structured, yet, flexible & sensitive to individual camper needs. We focus on teaching life skills from a long list of carefully designed activities & electives. Our camp is a community where all kids "fit in" and are valued.

Killarney’s 55 years of fun camp traditions have been uniting enthusiastic campers for years. We have over a 90% staff retention rate and a similar camper return rate. We understand the value of continued innovation & training by integrating the latest camp trends into our programs. Its important that your child has a great camp experience.

Yes, camp IS good for kids! Here every child can BE someone and know that Jesus is everything! Most campers are ready for a full camp session, but sometimes parents are not. We understand and have created a variety of programs. Whether its a full sleep-away experience or family camp, we encourage you to choose Camp Killarney.

Join us in "Making All Things Possible" in 2013!

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Director Chat 2012

Theme “Walk with Me”

Friends or family may have asked: “WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT CAMP?” What sets us apart at Camp Killarney is that we focus on the whole camper. We offer your child an active camp experience that includes safe play & exercise, choices, leadership, challenge, & knowledge about God’s Word. We can provide a unique Christian community where your child can grow socially & spiritually.

Our programs are carefully designed & implemented to be flexible & promote individual camper needs. The life skills learned & the focus of Jesus’ unfailing love is the foundation of our daily programs.

In keeping with camp traditions, our staff have a real passion for the campers & Jesus! We also integrate the latest camp trends so that our campers have the best possible camp experience!

Walk with us on this journey of campfires, friends, fun, and adventure as we encourage campers to “Walk with Jesus” and hear the story of God’s saving grace. A summer at Camp Killarney can make a difference in your child’s life. I am confident your camper will be telling their own stories about Killarney for years to come. Make us your summer camp choice!

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Director Chat 2011

Theme “Anchored in Faith”

Welcome back to CAMP! I see every summer as a unique opportunity to serve you and your family. Each year new programs are added to make your child’s stay meaningful. Research shows that the camp experience is invaluable! We intentionally design our programs to safely nurture and encourage campers to build the skills and qualities that can help them throughout life.

With so many camps out there, why should you choose Killarney? As a parent, I understand the challenge in choosing the right program. At our camp, we want your child to believe that they are valued, wanted and loved. Thoughtful programs and caring staff are in place to help campers discover and learn more about God each day.

In a time when even our children are overwhelmed by the pressures of the world, I am reminded by a popular toy store slogan about kids being kids. Let our natural 40 acres be your child’s backyard! It’s an awesome place of belonging and discovery. It’s where learning is fun and friends are for a lifetime. Campers will surely take home new skills, new stories, and, most importantly, take Jesus home with them.

So, as you plan your summer, consider sending your child to summer camp with us. Choose one or more of our great programs!

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Director Chat 2010

Jesus tells us to “let the... children come to Me”. Our camp is designed to nurture and encourage all campers to safely build the positive skills and qualities that can help them throughout life. KLC offers faith inspired activities that are classic, innovative, & exciting for all ages!

Our summer camp can also provide a unique chance to make & renew cherished friendships. Campers vividly remember the warm crackling campfires, the energy of capture the flag, engaging songs, elaborate camp stories, horseback riding, canoeing the 5 lakes, unforgettable staff, the dining hall, the spectacular stars, the maze of trails, the beach & lots more to mention!

Why Camp Killarney? Here, it’s also how and what we can see, learn, & share about God’s love and promise that leaves an eternal impression!

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Director Chat 2009

Ahh Camp. Awesome to those that have already come and a Wonder to those who have yet to stay. Camp, truly, enriches the lives of children. Our Summer Camp offers a unique chance to make and rekindle lasting friendships, discover God’s promises, and learn to make confident choices. Both innovative and classic faith inspired activities are designed to nurture and encourage your child to develop positive lifetime skills and take home wonderful lifelong memories.

Why Killarney? Our camp doesn't end at the closing stays in your heart all year. Yes, we cherish the campfires, capture the flag, horseback riding, and swimming, but its what God can teach us about love and faith that is really AWESOME!

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Director Chat 2008

Theme "I Believe"

I believe that every child should have the chance to go to camp! It’s a place where they can realize their own, awesome, God-given potential in an amazing natural environment. Summer Camp is a chance to enjoy time with old and new friends, learn more about our God, and make confident choices.

We have child friendly and healthy food choices, as well as, unlimited opportunities for trying fun new activities and physical fitness. Camp is not only a place to play, but an invaluable and extraordinary experience for your child. We have created safe meaningful, and faith inspired programs that will match your child’s interests.

Innovative and classic activities are offered to encourage your child to develop positive lifetime skills and wonderful lasting memories.

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