Scroll down to see some projects on the horizon at Camp Killarney for ways to get involved.



Camp Killarney has several projects around the camp that we would love help to complete.

If you want to help or donate funds, please let us know! If your church or Thrivent branch wants to adopt a project there are several listed here. If you'd like to help with something else and need an idea, ask Joe Dostal (Peace) or Clint Newcomb (St. Stephen's).

Campground Bathhouse

  • Interior Renovation/Exterior Expansion: showers, toilets, sinks,.. ( est cost ?)

Caretaker/Managers' House/Office

  • Replace bathroom window in house (est. cost $200)
  • Add gutters to the house (est. cost $150)
  • Replace siding on the house (est. cost $3000)
  • Replace roof on the house (In progress-thank you)
  • Relocate the beach side door in house (est. cost $800)
  • Paint
  • Stove (est cost $400) or donation of used stove
  • Washer/Dryer


  • Replace main entry door ( est. cost $400)
  • Add gutters ( est. cost $150)

Pavilion and Beach

  • Add more outlets to pavilion (est. cost $200)
  • Level the docks and replace broken shackles ( In progress - est. cost $500)


  • Soffit and gable vents (est. cost $400)
  • additional lighting (est. cost $400)
  • Replacement bunks (est. cost ?)
  • Bunk Mattresses (est. cost ?)

Dining Hall/Kitchen

  • Floor (est. cost $1000 )
  • Roof (est. cost $1500 )
  • Deep Freeze for the Summer Camp (est. cost $500)
  • Commercial Oven (est. cost $5,000)
  • Commercial Conveyor Toaster (est. cost ?)
  • Upgrade Lighting (est. cost ?)


  • Concrete for Existing Dirt Basketball Court (est. cost $1,000)
  • New Swim Lane Markers/Buoys/Ropes (est. cost $300

Summer Camp

  • Donate or Borrow RV (June-August)
  • Waterfront Reach Pole (est. cost $200)
  • Life Jackets (all sizes) (est. cost $20 each)
  • Camp Cots (est. cost $40 each)
  • Decking for RV
  • Large Tarps and/or Canopy Covers (est. cost $100)
  • Large Platform Tents (est. cost $400)

Misc. Needs

  • Plumber & Electrician for Various Projects (1 water/sewer hook up, repair/replace camping electric posts, add outlets to cabins, ...)

*The estimated cost is for materials only. If you or your church wishes to adopt a project, please contact Joe Dostal for specifics.


For additional ways you can support Killarney Lutheran Camp, check out our Summer Camp Wishlist!