• Joe Dostal (Peace): Chairman
  • Matt Collins (Immanuel): Secretary
  • Rev. Gary Tryggestad (Zion): Vice Chairman
  • Veryl Tisch
  • Brandon Payeur (Salem)
  • Rev. Al Meier: Treasurer
  • Jerry Eicholtz: Financial Secretary
  • Rev Seelow: Communications Chairman
  • Mark McCullough (St. Stephens): Booster Chairman
  • John Barber (St. Johns): Summer Camp Chairman
  • Clint Newcomb (St. Stephens): Buildings & Grounds Chairman
  • Mark Fuerstenberg

The board consists of two delegates elected from each member church.



The Lutheran Campsite Association is established to own and operate a campground for the members of our Wisconsin Synod churches, especially for our youth.


Membership in the Lutheran Campsite Association may be purchased by congregations of the Wisconsin Synod at the renewal rate set by the Association. Each member congregation is entitled to three voting representatives in the Association, those three being one pastor and two laymen who will be called the booster representatives. A male teacher may serve in either capacity. The Association is to elect a Board of Directors consisting of twelve members: three pastors and eight laymen, preferable all from member congregations. Individual members of the Wisconsin Synod congregations may become boosters by paying dues set by the Board of Directors and are thus granted the privileges set by the Board of Directors.


The Association will usually meet once a year on a Sunday afternoon in for the annual meeting. Other special meetings of the Association may be called at the discretion of the Board of Directors by giving written notice to the voting members of the Association ten days in advance. At the annual meeting, reports are to be given regarding the various aspects of the camp. All business needing the approval of the Association is to be tended to, specifically: adoption of budget and election of Board of Directors. The quorum of the Association shall be one-fourth of those notifying the secretary of their status as voting members. The meetings shall be conducted according to the applicable parts of Robert's Rules of Order. The Board of Directors shall be elected as follows: One-third of the total Board members are to be elected by majority vote each year for three year terms. No more than two persons from any one congregation are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors at the same time. The Board of Directors shall meet regularly during the year as necessary, roughly once a month. The Board of Directors will tend to all ordinary business of the camp under the authority of the Association.


The Board of Directors shall elect from its own membership the following officers and committee chairman who will serve as such for both the Board of Directors and the Association. The Board of Directors may elect assistants for these men as needed.

The PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors. He shall be the chief executive officer of the Lutheran Campsite Association.

The VICE-PRESIDENT shall serve in the absence or disability of the president

The SECRETARY shall keep the minutes of all the meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors. He shall maintain current lists of the voting members of the Association and their addresses and shall send copies of the minutes to all the voting members of the Association. He shall carry on the ordinary correspondence of the Association, including sending notice of all meetings of the Association.

The TREASURER shall receive from the financial secretary a report of all monies received and credit the same to the proper accounts. He shall make all disbursements, as ordered and approved by the Board. He shall make a monthly report to the board, an annual report to the membership, and also special reports whenever the Board shall so request. He shall submit his records to the board for audit annually following the close of the calendar year or at any time the Board desires. In the absence of the secretary, he shall have the authority to countersign legal documents. In the event the treasurer is unable to carry out his duties, the president or secretary have the authority to carry out his obligations. The FINANCIAL SECRETARY shall receive and deposit all contributions of the association, shall keep an accurate account of the same and deliver a report of them to the treasurer, indicating the proper accounts to be credited. He shall submit his books to the Board for an annual audit following the close of the calendar year business, or at any time the Board so desires.

The BOOSTER CHAIRMAN shall be responsible for all publicity for the Association. He shall send publicity materials to the booster representatives in the various congregations. He shall maintain an accurate listing of all boosters.

The BUILDING & GROUNDS CHAIRMAN shall periodically inspect the facilities of the camp and report all necessary repair and improvements to the Board of Directors. He shall organize annual spring and summer work bees as needed.

The SUMMER CAMP CHAIRMAN is to be appointed to plan, publicize, hire and direct the annual summer camp program of two or more weeks for grade school children. The program is to include various recreational activities, crafts and spiritual instruction.

The CAMP MANAGER is to be hired to perform care taking duties around the camp, to take reservations, to collect fees and other duties as specified by the Board of Directors. In return a compensation will be agreed upon with the Board of Directors.


This constitution may be amended by majority vote at any annual meeting of the Association, provided that written notice of the proposed amendment was given to the voting members of the Association ten days prior to the meeting All previous constitutions and by-laws of the Lutheran Campsite Association are hereby repealed. In the event that the Lutheran Campsite Association should dissolve, all remaining assets, after meeting legal obligations, shall be placed in the Church Extensions Fund of the Wisconsin Synod.

Last Amended: January 11 2004